No Thank You AT&T Uverse

I tweeted this just a few moments ago. “Why would anyone with at least 1 brain cell pay AT&T $200 to add local tv service to an existing account with >5 years payment history?”
We still have internet service from Uverse and we were looking into adding local tv service. Sometimes with our location, the signal from the antenna isn’t the best. In order to add local tv service to our account, AT&T wants to charge a $200 install fee. Our entire apartment complex is Uverse with no other choice. How’s that for customer service?

My Accessible Android App List April 2015

Here is a list of the Android apps that I use on my 2013 first generation Moto X.
I use touch, a bluetooth keyboard or a combination of these two with these apps. They work for me but everyone has their own idea of what accessible means.

Acapela TTS Voices


Amazon Kindle

Amazon Music


AquaMail Pro Unlocker


Arcus Pro Key


Beep Hourly


chomp SMS

Commandr for Google Now


Easy Answer

Epson iPrint

Epson Print Enabler

ETI-Eloquence TTS

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Voice

Hangouts Dialer



Music Folder Player Full

My App List

NOAA Weather


Office Lens Preview


Point Finder

Pro Weather Alert



Share Where




Total Commander

Touchless Notifications Pro

TuneIn Radio Pro


TWiT Pro

Vocalizer Voices

I post this list to give people an idea of what accessible android apps that I’m using. Maybe you have a need for an app to do something and maybe one in my list will do what you’ve been looking for. Several of these apps I learned about from others on the Eyes Free email list. If you would like to join the Eyes Free list send an email to:

Alive & Kicking

I’m still alive and kicking.

There hasn’t been anything exciting going on in my world of post gastric bypass surgery and healthy living. In a way that is a good thing. Things are working as they should, maintaining my weight, doing things the way I should, and loving my healthy life.
I’m about 4 and 1/4 years post surgery and this is how I expect things should be. No new amazing numbers, no changes in waist or body size, just another day of fighting in the never ending battle against obesity.

I had someone ask a question today that I get asked from time to time. When are you going to stop losing weight?

My answer is never. There is no finish line when it comes to weight loss, it doesn’t matter which method one uses to get to a healthy weight. I’m not trying to lose more than my target weight that I set for myself, but part of maintaining weight involves gaining a pound or two as your body does things and then losing that pound or two and getting back to the number you want. My body does some things that others who have had surgery might not. One of the long lasting results of all of the radiation I had over 20 years ago when fighting cancer is I have IBS. I had that pretty early on. Its something that I’ve learned to adapt to, there aren’t any meds that work for me. The things I’ve tried over the years just throw the problem way to one far side or the other that IBS brings. So that is also part of why I’ll be losing weight forever.

I’ve been experimenting with my coffee again.
I’ve been making it with 12oz. water, 2 tablespoons ground coffee, 4 pumps of sugar free syrup and now 6oz. unsweetened soy milk. I add the soy milk to my 24oz. Bubba tumbler along with the syrup. I usually heat the soy milk for about 45 seconds but when I want a cooler coffee, I just add it to the tumbler cold from the refrigerator. Either way, it makes my yummy coffee even better.

I’ve started to experiment with sugar free coffee creamer from Walden Farms. They’ve got five flavors and I bought mocha and classic cream at the grocery today. So far I’ve had the mocha in with some hazelnut coffee and it was very yummy. I’ll have to figure out just the right amount of creamer for me, but I’m willing to be my own lab rat. Walden Farms brand has some very yummy dressings, dips, and sauces that are all sugar free, carb free and taste wonderful.

If I can be of any help in your journey into weight loss surgery, please contact me. If you are blind and have had weight loss surgery, or if you are blind and interested in surgery options, please feel free to join the blind-wls yahoo group by sending an email to

The list is a group of people at different stages of this journey to better health. From those just starting the process to some who had surgery more than ten years ago. Its a group of people who are blind helping each other with support, product ideas, and sharing experiences.

A Plain Wish Kindle *FREE*

A Plain Wish & A Plain Adventure

The second book in the plain series by Cyndi Lord is now available in paperback and Kindle.
To celebrate the second book in this series, A plain Adventure, the first book, A Plain Wish is free for the Kindle version.

This is a great story about a 16 year old girl who doesn’t feel wanted by either parent after the divorce and each one starts their new families. Kristi decides to go visit a pen pal who has a much simpler way of life than what she is used to. You’ll laugh at all of the adventures that Kristi has along the way as she travels to meet her friend.

In the second book the adventure continues with a few more mishaps along the way.

Cyndi Lord is a wonderful author and a friend. Go download this great free book and enjoy the great story that Cyndi tells. You’ll feel like you are right there with Kristi as she starts this journey to find friendship and maybe a new family too.

Smurfberry Protein Shake

Smurfberry Protein Shake

We’ve had some warm days lately in Kansas City and I thought it was time for a cold protein shake.

Here are the things I gathered before making this yummy drink.

Ninja Blender
Silk Unsweetened Soy Milk
Fit Frappe Vanilla Protein Powder
Organic Blueberries
DaVinci Gourmet Sugar Free Blueberry Syrup
Cool Whip
8oz. Measuring Cup
24oz. Bubba Mug

Pour two cups of soy milk into the blender.
Add a small handful of blueberries, about 4 pumps of blueberry syrup, and one scoop of protein powder.

Put lid on blender and attach motor to top of blender. It also helps to plug the motor into an electrical outlet, but I’m sure you knew that. :)

Blend for about 45 seconds or whatever works for you, it doesn’t have to be a certain amount of time.

Pour into mug, add a teaspoon or two of Cool Whip, attach the top to the mug and set in freezer for twenty minutes.

Slowly sip and enjoy. You can adjust the amount of blueberries and syrup to your liking. You might also be able to enhance the flavor if you can get Gargamel to help catch a few real Smurfs to add in with the blueberries.

Have a Smurfy Day!!!

Blind & have had Weight Loss Surgery or interested? Join the blind-wls list by sending an email to:

Share Where – Location Sharing

I’ve been looking for an Android app that will tell me the street address of where my Wife is. I’ve tried several apps that will give me a link to a map, but since I’m totally blind, looking at a map doesn’t do anything for me.

Its not that I need to know where she is at every minute, but if she was expected to be home around 3 pm, I start to get a little worried around 3:30 or 4. Sure, I could call and ask but if there is a way to get her location without bugging her, I’d love to have it. The other reason for this is if she were to have a medical problem while we are talking on the phone, I need to know where she is so I can relay that info to 911.

I finally found an app that will do this.

Share Where – Location Sharing

There are many options in the settings of this app. For our use, my Wife and I have each entered the others phone number so that a request for location doesn’t require approval. Otherwise, if someone sent a request, you would have to manually approve it before the info was sent.
There is also an option to not show a notification for a successful request. So when I sent the code word via a text message to her phone, the process of getting her location and sending that to my phone didn’t generate any notifications on her phone.

There are a few ways of sending a request. Right now I’ve just been using the default option.
I sent a text message to my Wife’s phone with the word sharewhere in the message.

A few seconds later I got a reply that gave the name of the shopping center she was at, the street address and the longitude and latitude of where she is. There was also a link to a map.

You can choose in the settings which or all of that info is sent back for the request.

So if we were talking on the phone and all of a sudden she makes strange sounds and stops talking, I can get her address and give that info to emergency person ell.

You can also send your current location to someone by either text or email from within the app.
The app works great with TalkBack, there are a few unlabeled buttons, but not that many and I can easily label them with TalkBack.

The app is add supported but you can easily upgrade to the pro version which removes the ads for $1.19 and its easy to do that from within the app, it takes you to the play store.

Other than using the preset word of sharewhere to activate a request, you can set a custom word. I haven’t done this yet.

So if you’ve been looking for an app like this to get info of a friend or family member, give ShareWhere a try. One note, some of these types of apps run constantly in the background running the battery down as the app keeps track of your location. ShareWhere doesn’t do this. It only gets the location when a request is received or you choose to send your location from within the app.

We both have ShareWhere installed on our phones. That way she can get my location if I were the one who needed assistance. So if you are just wanting to be able to get the location for your child for example, you would only need to have it installed on their phone.

This app can also be used if you are running late and want to let someone know where you are. Another use is if you are lost and going to visit a friend, you can send them your location and a map link so they can help find you and give directions from where you are.

A Plain Wish (The Plain Series Book 1)

I loved reading this book. If you haven’t yet, you should because the next book in the series, A Plain Adventure will be available March 17. Its a great story with lots of very funny moments as this young girl decides to go visit a pen pal and tries to fit in with a way of life much simpler than what she has ever known. You’ll see a name in the first comments of the book, yes, that is my Ruthie. She shows up later in the book too.

A Plain Wish (The Plain Series Book 1)