Windows 10 and Automatic Updates

A great article to read, just make sure to read to the end to get the message that the author is trying to get out, as he poses some questions as he moves through the article.

Once you have Windows 10 installed you can press the Windows key and type System Restore. Arrow down to create a restore point and press enter.
From there you can select your system drive, which is usually C: and then press enter on configure.
Depending on how much free space you have, select at least 2 gb to use for restore points. As that space fills up, older restore points will be deleted to make room for a new one.

This is something else that could help save you if things go wrong. Again, depending on the severity of the situation, you might need someone to help you restore things, but at least you can get back to a working computer.


Coats For Kids

As I’m writing this, it is 95 degrees and feels like 114 degrees in Kansas City. Now is the time that “community minded” radio and TV stations need to be collecting coats for kids. People don’t need the coats right now, good time to check sizes and decide if you will need a new coat this winter for you and the kids.

By doing this when its hot, the coats can be donated sooner, cleaned, and given to the kids and people in need before it gets cold. Instead, the news and TV stations will wait until mid to late December to hand out coats they collect in November.

I guess it comes down to what is more important, those “feel good” boost in the ratings during the holiday season for doing something good or doing something good and in a way that people have the needed coats before it gets cold.

Accessible Twitter Clients – Windows

Until recently I’ve been using The Qube to send and read tweets.
While working with the Windows 10 preview, I learned that the default keys in the Qube no longer work because of some new hot-keys in Windows 10. The Qube hasn’t been developed or anything really updated in years and is often changing hands as to who is going to work on it. It doesn’t have an actual on screen interface, its all through keyboard commands and there is no way for a user to change the hotkey to interact with it.

So I gave another client a try.
Chicken Nugget

It has an on screen interface that is easy to navigate and also has the ability to use keyboard hot-keys to interact with twitter while you are in another program. The user can modify the keys to do this, so this is now my choice of accessible Twitter clients.
It is developed and maintained by a person who is blind and it works well with any screen reading package. It has some features that were never added to The Qube, such as the option to have new tweets spoken automatically. It has a small price of $15 and there is a 30 day trial period.

You can download Chicken Nugget at:

I use NVDA as my screen reading software of choice. Since NVDA doesn’t have any keyboard commands that use control shift plus another key, that is what I’m using in Chicken Nugget. control shift up arrow to move up an item in the timeline
control shift down arrow to move down an item in the timeline control shift t to create a new tweet

Its very easy to change the keyboard commands with check boxes for the keys you want to use and an edit box for the key you want to press for the command.


Windows 10 10240

I just installed the last in the major updates for the Windows 10 previews. This is the version that has been sent to companies to put on new computers. Its code number is 10240.
There may be a few minor updates between now and July 29, to tweak a few items, but otherwise, this is the real thing.

One thing you might want to keep in mind when your computer tells you its ready to upgrade to Windows 10, which will be through Windows Update…

If it gets to a point maybe 20 or 30 minutes after you select restart now and you aren’t hearing anything from your screen reading software Press the Windows key and u.
This will open the ease of access settings and start narrator. You can use your arrow keys to select Narrator, magnification, or whatever option you need.

You will need to press enter on I agree to accept the Windows License terms and agreement.

Next you will need to press enter on express settings or custom settings.

I suggest express as you can make changes to the settings later on when your screen reading software is running.

From there the setup continues and after several minutes you are on the desktop and your screen reading software should be talking. You can press Windows U and arrow to quit narrator.

I’ll post anything else I find that might be helpful.

Think Of Your Phone As A Tool

I wrote this for a local Technology users group that I am a part of and thought I’d share it on my blog for all to read.

Something that I didn’t think about to say at the meeting this past Saturday is to think of your smart phone as a tool.

It doesn’t matter which choice of operating systems you choose or even the company that provides the service that connects your phone to that big cloud in the sky.
They all make phone calls, they all have apps to enhance the things your phone can do, and they all cost money to buy and operate.

If you are building a house, and that Sears Craftsman forged iron hammer with a textured grip works for you, that is all that matters. If the Stanley lightweight hammer with a plastic woven grip works for you, that is fine too. As long as you can drive the nails into the wood to build the house, that is the important thing.

We as people might choose Apple over Android or Windows phones because of the people we have around that can provide assistance. These computers in a small box that we carry around can be complicated.
I chose an Android device because of the custom changes I can make to the phone. I can install a different text to speech engine if I want. I can use a different web browser like Firefox instead of the default of Google’s Chrome if I want to.
The default app on my phone to send text messages works just fine and is accessible, but there are other text messaging apps out there that can do more than the default app.
If there is something that the standard version of Android doesn’t do, or doesn’t fit my needs, I can install a customized version of Android that has been created by others that use an Android device.

You might think, I don’t need those other options, I don’t want to make changes to my phone, that is okay. That doesn’t make one phone better than the other, and it does not make one person better than the other.

There are people out there that are so loyal to one camp that they look down upon someone who uses something different.

I heard a caller yesterday on The Tech Guy Radio Show a guy asked, what is wrong with my friends who send me photos from their android device, they don’t look as good as the pictures that I take with my I phone.
Leo explained that one possible reason is there is a limit in the mms protocol that is used in all phones to send picture messages. It could be that the person is sending a picture that is bigger than the protocol allows, so it gets downsized.

There are several funny videos on you tube of a group of people all with an apple device using messages to plan a lunch, and the one guy using an android device misses out, because he can’t use apple’s messaging app and the group of people refuses to share the info.

Its not about us versus them, one person isn’t any smarter or more dumb because they use one device over another. This thinking separates people instead of helping others.


We Need A Culture Change To End Obesity

My Wife posted this on Facebook this morning and besides being very well written, I agree with her post. I asked if I could share it on my blog and she agreed.

Ruthie Rayne Clark
Ok…I’m going to try to keep this fairly short but still hopefully make it understandable.
I read an article recently about a possible correlation between shoppers who bring their own cloth bags to the grocery and how much junk food those shoppers purchased. There’s no real zinger here, the basic principle is called “licensing.” This is a psychological concept that says, “If I’ve done well at ABC, then I can splurge on XYZ.”

I believe that licensing is one of the two biggest problems we face when battling the obesity epidemic. Your department at work had good sales numbers, so you all splurge on lunch out. You spent less than expected at Wal-Mart, so you grab a candy bar. This can be carried into some more convoluted scenarios, but I think you get the point.

I mentioned a second problem. That is a widespread cultural one. It’s one I don’t see us solving without possibly generations of reteaching. Have a hard day at work? Go out for a drink.
Have a good week at work? Go out for a drink.
Kid had a rough day at school? Go through the McDonald’s Drive-Thru. It’s dad’s birthday? Make a big cake.
Break up with a boyfriend, girlfriend, etc? Have some ice cream. Halloween? Classroom party!

Until relatively recently in human history, food was just that. It was food. It was nutrition. Something our bodies needed and that the land provided. With the exception of scheduled feast times and a few other situations, we didn’t prepare food as a reward or to assuage our emotions, either good or bad. It certainly wasn’t something we faced on a daily basis. Now we’re faced with these situations every single day, often multiple times per day. As someone who has relegated the nutritionally “bad” foods to one day out of the week, regardless of celebration, loss, or disappointment, I am able to see it happen all the time.

The change that needs to happen is replacing food with something better. If you do well at work, buy a couple songs from your favorite music service. Your kid has a bad day at school, curl up with a movie.
Ending the obesity epidemic may not even happen in my lifetime, but I think it can happen. It’s not going to take changing nutrition guidelines, it’s going to take change as a society, as a culture. That starts with you and me…and with advertisers who make you think all the products in their commercials and on the store shelves are things you need, when they provide very little in the way of actual nutrition.

Apps On My Android Phone and Tablet

This is the current list of accessible apps that I am using on my first generation Moto X and my HP 10 tablet.
accessible has different meanings for each person. These apps are accessible for me by using touch, a Bluetooth keyboard, or sometimes a combination of both. If one of the links doesn’t work for you, you at least have the app name and can search in the google play store.

Acapela TTS Voices

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Music


AquaMail Pro Unlocker


Arcus Pro Key


Beep Hourly


chomp SMS

Commandr for Google Now


Easy Answer

Epson iPrint

Epson Print Enabler

ETI-Eloquence TTS

Fing – Network Tools


Google Voice

Hangouts Dialer


Music Folder Player Full

My App List

NOAA Weather


Office Lens


Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict – Donate

Point Finder

Pro Weather Alert



Scanner Radio Pro

Sex Offenders Search

Share Where




Total Commander

TuneIn Radio Pro


TWiT Pro

Vocalizer Voices

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