Happy 11th Anniversary!!!!

I posted this to my Wife’s wall on Facebook this morning and wanted to share it with everyone who reads my blog.


Happy Anniversary!!! 11 great years that we’ve been married. We’ve both gone through allot in these 11 years and we are still in love and have never had a fight or arguement. That is because we are a team and are here to help, support, and love each other. I remember getting down on one knee and asking you to marry me and I was serious then when I said 2 weeks isn’t enough time to get to know you, I want to spend a lifetime together. Here’s a song to celebrate that great day on the 13th of September!

My Healthy PB&J

I’ve been expanding the variety of foods that I eat in an effort to have more carbs in my diet. I learned from a study that I wasn’t getting enough carbs in my diet now that I’m just over 3 and a half years since I had Gastric Bypass Surgery.

There is a link to this study in a recent blog post about why I needed to make some changes.


I’ve found a very yummy and healthy way of making an old favorite of mine, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I hadn’t had one since before surgery and am very happy to be able to have one again.


Please note when I mention that something is healthy, I am talking about for me. We are all different and have different needs and different foods effect people in different ways.


Here are the three things I use to make my PB&J. I do use the serving size mentioned and as always, take small bites, and chew chew chew before swallowing.

The peanut butter may not be on the same shelf as all of that unhealthy, sugar filled, peanut butter in your store. In the grocery store I go to, they keep it in the refridgerated section of their health market.

Arnold – Pocket Pita 100% Whole Wheat
Serving size:
1/2 flatbread
Total Carbohydrate
20 g
Dietary Fiber
5 g
2 g
5 g

Old Home Creamy Peanut Butter
Serving size
2 tbsp
Total Carbohydrate
7 g
Dietary Fiber
3 g
0 g
8 g

Smuckers Concord Grape Jam with Splenda, Sugar Free
Serving Size
1 tbsp
Total Carbohydrate
Dietary Fiber


Total net carbs for my PB&J:

24 g

Total sugars:

2 g

Total protein:

13 g


I plan to post about the other things I’ve added to what I eat, so stay tuned.


I had some lab work done recently and a liver enzyme was way above the upper limit for normal. I had an ultrasound and the liver looks fine.
I also noticed that one of the kidney levels was off just a bit. I’ve also gained a few pounds this past year, a few more than I am comfortable with.


The place I had my Gastric Bypass Surgery had a great education program for life before surgery, preparing for surgery, post surgery diet for about 6 months, and that was it.
They didn’t really teach anything about several years after surgery. They didn’t teach about what happens if you have too much protein in your diet and I really wish they would have.


I read several things online and figured out the increased liver levels, increased kidney levels and weight gain along with some constapation are all because I had too much protein in my diet.
I was enjoying those yummy protein drinks just a bit too much. I was drinking plenty of crystal light and plain water but not enough to keep up with the amount of protein I was taking in each day.


Thanks to online sources I’m rearranging what I eat and how much carbs I eat each day. I’m happy there are others online to learn from because nobody ever taught me what I need to know, I’ve had to search for the info.

So maybe someone involved with a education program at a weight loss surgery center will see this and change how and what you are teaching. We need info on more than just six months after surgery. We need to know of things to be aware of and how to correct problems once they are discovered.

I think part of the problem is most of the people involved in a weight loss surgery center only know what they are taught as only one person had weight loss surgery that was involved in the place I went to.
There also seems to be new people in the office at each yearly visit, so not many people actually know me, other than what is in my chart.

I’d go to a support group for my wls center but its the same thing and there are issues with transportation for me.


So as I told someone recently, the learning never stops after weight loss surgery. Its a matter of learning what works, what doesn’t work, investigating the nutrition of different foods, and trying new things.


Never stop learning.

Current List Of Accessible Android Apps

This is a current list of apps that I have installed on my Moto X.
These apps work for me using TalkBack. My idea of accessible may be different than somebody else. For example, I use the IFTTT service. Setup and configuration is done 100% through their web site, the app just processes and acts on those settings. So I don’t actually have to open the IFTTT app on my phone for anything. I’m also okay with having to label a few buttons on my own from time to time and will even ask someone who can see what the unlabeled button is. I then label the button and it is now accessible to me.
Just the way I think.


Acapela TTS Voices



Amazon Kindle


AquaMail Pro Unlocker


Beep Hourly

Call Control


chomp SMS

Commandr for Google Now https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RSen.Commandr


ETI-Eloquence TTS



Google Voice




My App List

NOAA Radio

NOAA Weather


Pdf to Speech Pro


Plume Premium

Point Finder

Pro Weather Alert





Talking Caller ID

Taxi Magic

Total Commander

Totalcmd-Google Drive

TuneIn Radio Pro

TWiT Pro

Taco Bell’s new Cantina Power Menu Healthy?

You might have heard about Taco Bell’s new Cantina Power Menu. They are marketing this as healthier because it has more protein. I understand my needs for healthy food are different from other people’s needs for what is healthy food.

I look at this from my healthy life after gastric bypass surgery. I eat foods that are high in protein but low in carbs and low in sugar.

Here is some nutritional info for these new healthy menu items from Taco Bell.


Cantina Power Burrito Chicken
Calories 470
Carbohydrates 41
Dietary fiber 5
Sugars 4
Protein 28


Cantina Power Burrito Steak
Calories 430
Carbohydrates 52
Dietary fiber 9
Sugars 5
Protein 15


Cantina Power Burrito Veggie
Calories 460
Carbohydrates 43
Dietary fiber 4
Sugars 4
Protein 28


Cantina Power Bowl Chicken
Calories 490
Carbohydrates 49
Dietary fiber 8
Sugars 3
Protein 29


Cantina Power Bowl Steak
Calories 500
Carbohydrates 47
Dietary fiber 8
Sugars 3
Protein 29


Cantina Power Bowl Veggie
Calories 460
Carbohydrates 58
Dietary fiber 13
Sugars 4
Protein 16



So just remember, no matter how healthy this stuff is advertised to be, its still fast food. Its eating food like this that helped me get to 336 pounds. My lifestyle has changed and I don’t want to even walk down that road that took me to such an unhealthy place.
Again, these items may be fine for you, if so, that is okay. I only know they aren’t good for me.
Thankfully Taco Bell and many other restaurants make their menu and nutritional information available online. This allows me to look at the menu from home, away from the scents and sounds of the restaurant. I can check out the nutritional information and find a healthy option for my meal.

Keep Those Appointments

I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone why its a good idea to keep those appointments with your doctors, especially if you’ve had any form of weight loss surgery.


I have my yearly follow-up visits with my gastric bypass surgeon in January and have six month appointments with my primary doctor in July and January.

Recently I had my July appointment and she ordered blood work, as she usually does in July. I have to get blood work done for my gastric bypass surgeon for the January appointment, and I have his office fax the report to my primary doctor. That way my primary doctor is getting results of my lab work twice a year. Once when she orders it in July, and once from the lab work I do in January.



She told me everything was fine except with some elevated liver enzymes One was only a point out of range but the other was about 40 points above the high end of normal.

I checked with my surgeon’s office and they told me the numbers were elevated in January, but I don’t think they were as high as they are now. They did tell me what the numbers were earlier this year, but with my memory and a few days later…



So the next step is to get an ultrasound of my liver and go from there. From what I’ve read on the internet, this is common for people like me who were overweight most of their life. I was first aware of being overweight when I was in the second grade and didn’t have gastric bypass surgery until January 2011.

As a part of how I eat after gastric bypass surgery, I do all of the things that are supposed to be good for not doing damage to the liver. I eat high protein, low carb foods, live sugar free as much as possible, and don’t drink alcohol.
I never was into alcohol before surgery either, just my own choice.

So just waiting now for the hospital to call and schedule the imaging and we will see where things go from there.


This is just a good reminder why its important to keep those appointments and to share info between your doctors. If you get lab work from one doctor, ask them to send the results to any other doctors you may be seeing on a regular basis.

The Your Weight Matters National Convention – #YWM2014


Look around you, in your City, neighborhood, street, in your own home, obesity is a growing health problem and it isn’t going away like a 30 minute tv show where everything gets fixed and all is fine with the world once again.
If the answer to obesity was an easy one, we’d all take that magic pill and nobody would ever be overweight, there wouldn’t be any related diseases, we would all live forever.

Sadly it just doesn’t work that way. We are all individuals and what worked for me to lose weight might not work for you. Your Sister, friend, Doctor, or boss may or may not know of that one thing that will work for you either. It takes asking questions, investigating, and learning to get going down the right path for you. This has to be something about you, as nobody can become healthy for you, nobody

can lose the weight for you, and nobody can claim your success for you.

There is something very important though that others can and need to do for you, that is support. We all need support from family, friends, co-workers and Doctors to be successful in this battle. Those friends can be near you or those you know online. Along with

support, knowledge is needed to know what options are out there, where to go for help, and factual information.

There is a very good source for this and much more. Its the Obesity Action Coalition. Their web site is a great source of information and

their annual convention is a great way to get information in person, talk with real people who have been there. You’ll hear from people

who are just starting their journey, people who may not be obese anymore but still fight the battle every day, and professionals who are there with us every day with information and guidance.

The next annual convention is coming up on SEPT. 25-28, 2014
and will be in Orlando, Florida.
To learn more or to sign up visit:


Here is just a little bit about this wonderful oppurtunity to learn, connect, and help yourself and others in your family, community, and

make a difference.


The Your Weight Matters National Convention – #YWM2014

The Your Weight Matters National Convention is the largest National meeting dedicated to providing evidence-based strategies for individuals impacted by excess weight and obesity, proudly brought to you by The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). As a National non-profit organization, the OAC is dedicated to helping the millions of Americans impacted by excess weight and obesity through education, advocacy and support.
The OAC’s National Convention is a 3-day educational event designed to bring together all individuals who struggle or are concerned with weight-related issues. The entire weekend is dedicated to presenting a comprehensive agenda, comprised of diverse topics that are designed to help any individual who has ever had a concern about their weight.

We bring-in the country’s leading experts on weight and health and give you the RIGHT tools to be successful in your lifelong journey with weight.

More than 50 educational topics, from the basics of nutrition and available treatment options for weight, to behavioral health issues like food addiction and mindful eating, to childhood obesity and family dynamics.
The country’s leading experts on weight and health, dedicated to presenting evidence-based information.
A strong fitness component, offering an array of group fitness classes designed for all abilities.A strong community and the ideal environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice.
A National Advocacy Training Day where we train our next set of advocates to go to Capitol Hill and A Beginning Advocacy where we will help individuals discover the simple ways that they can be an advocate in their local communities and help make a difference.

The National Convention welcomes individuals from all over the country to learn more about your weight and health and come and connect

with others along the same journey.



To learn more about The Obesity Action Coalition go to: